I am a Melbourne born and based artist, this blog is an online record or sketchbook of a few of my ideas and creations. I am working towards the dream of making art part of everyday and every action that I take; hoping to weave into my work a love of whimsy, silliness, generosity and joy.  I have an idea that if we were a little more light hearted and welcoming towards each other that life would be more beautiful for all.  In my mostly installation/sculpture based practice I hope to communicate a sense of welcoming and to invite discussion and exploration through a visceral and interactive experience of art.

I will be setting up another page soon devoted to my exhibitions.


12 thoughts on “About

  1. Who was the genius that put the monkeys in a barrel?

    The monkeys themselves are the fun part. You don’t play with the barrel at all. And yet, who would buy a box of monkeys? Or a bag? Or a bottle?

    Actually, a bottle of monkeys sounds cool.

  2. hi i am reuben … i like eating apples while watching the rain, I get way to excited when you crack an egg and it splits perfectly…and believes things are always better when they are star shaped.

    Roomface…your amazing… please continue to be so…

  3. I think I’m less qualified to describe you than you are.. Although I do know you’re very clever and very pretty, and you make very nice arts, even if some of them are difficult to understand :S

  4. Well, I got to wondering, so I tried you on facebook. That didn’t pan out, so I turned to google, and found this; your blog.

    You still have lovely drawings, and I hope you are well.


    • Dan!
      Yes I deleted facebook – my family has a history of addiction (hehe) and facebook was coming dangerously close to that so it had to go.
      I’m surprised that my blog came up when you googled me, good for advertising!
      Thankyou for the nice comment, how are you and everyone else? There is allways email – I washed my mobile in the sea about three weeks ago so it deleted all my numbers that were saved to my phone rather then sim. Email?

    • Hello Madame,

      Thankyou kindly for your nominations! You are a sweetie and I love a bit of press. I will try to do the meme but I don’t know that many bloggers so I will just do a few – I’m disappointed I can’t include you!

      Much Love,


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